I have another guest blogger today, and this one is really into nature photography. Here's what she had to say:
Image Title : Flight of the Hummingbird

1. Your URL http://naturespixel.com

2. Technical information

* Species: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (female)
* Shutter Speed: 1/1000 second
* F Number: F/4.5
* Focal Length: 69 mm
* ISO Speed: 160
* Flash: Yes (Fill)
* Date Picture Taken: Jun 5, 2006, 1:42:39 PM
* Copyright � Leisa Hennessy

3. Any stories about the shot/explain the subject
matter or how you took the shot.
I had been trying to get a in-flight shot of a hummingbird for days...
all i did was sit abt 2 meters from the feeder.. and had my camera
Set to Continuous Focus and had my finger on the trigger...lol i over
heated my camera 3 times lucky its has a warning before it does any

4. How you got into photography.
Hmm well it started way back when i was 16. i really wanted to take
as a subject at school but we couldn't afford the equipment so until i
turned 26
i had just shot family outings and what not then i moved to New Mexico
from Australia
to help run a Reptile/Pet store i got my first digital camera started
taking shot of
all the snakes and lizards.. then moved to Canada that's when i got my
camera with
more advanced features.. I love animals so photography just goes hand
in hand with
loving nature particularly bird watching which i like to do

5. What is your ultimate dream and/or realistic goals
with photography?
Hmm hard one?? Well i have already sold a Photo to a company in
British Columbia "B.C. Experience" they have used it on their
touch screens (info computer screens) it would be nice to sell
more but to be realistic i doubt it...lol

Guest Blog: NaturesPixel


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