A Handyman's Dream by Bradley Venteicher
(Note: this is the first time I'm trying a roundabout way to delay posting. I hope it works.)

I'm really excited about this week's guest blogger, because it's someone I went to high school with. This photo is great, and he has many pictures of ghost towns in Nebraska on one of his pages, so you should check out more of his work:
MontElsa Photography
Ghosts of the Great American Desert

Here's what he had to say:
This is an image from an old farm house that has been abandon for about 50 years, or so my sources say. I had driven by this house on the cow trails many times in the past, but never thought much of it. I decided one day to take a closer look. From this experience I have learned not to look for things to photograph, but rather to realize it when an opportunity presents itself.

I believe when it comes to photography, simple is better. It's some of the most common mundane things that make the best pictures. I believe in simplistic photography and presenting things as truly as I can.
Well said, and thanks!

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Guest Blog: MontElsa Photography


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