Olde Time Photos
Welcome to the Nebraska State Fair theme week here at Full Metal Photographer! This is the last day of the fair, and I've been there twice during the day and once at night, so I have five blogging days' worth of pictures to share. I thought I'd start the week off right with a nice dose of humor. I saw the Olde Time Photos booth and thought I'd give them a taste of their own medicine--sepia!

This bike is really cool. I didn't get a high-quality picture of it, but I needed to share the sight with everyone. I really, really want one of these.

I Bet Most City Folk Don't Know This Is How It's Done
And finally, a picture entitled "I Bet Most City Folk Don't Know This Is How It's Done". Actually, it was a fiberglass cow (in case you were starting to doubt your sanity) with a false udder that simulates what it's like to milk a cow. This lady had the job of refilling it.

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Olde Time Photos


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