IMG_3470 - Bluejay Chick
Russell and Lily attacked this bluejay chick before my wife sprayed them with the hose and we pulled them away. Normally, I'd let them do it, but that really bugs Laura. But after we put the pups inside this little guy just sat there. I didn't even have to zoom in on this one--the focal length is 12mm. He just let me get right in there and sat there like I was paying him for modeling.

Bluejay Chick


Blogger Sheila said...

Great Pic (sometimes I get bored with some of the photos I see when I do the Battle Of the Blogs thing but yours are interesting)

9:02 PM, June 15, 2006  
Blogger Marketing Websites said...

Nice shot. The crown was missing and I had to look twice at this image to see if it was a Blue Jay.
Thanks for sharing.

11:25 AM, June 16, 2006  
Blogger Kelly said...

I guess the chicks don't have the crown yet. Thanks for the compliments!

12:34 PM, June 16, 2006  

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