I'm Not Asleep
This is another composite picture, this time back to the abstract of "Green and White" and this untitled picture and away from the surrealism of "Stoneroot". I will return to the surrealist theme in the future.

On this composite, one is a shot of a sunset, and the other a shot of a stack of plywood with a white stripe painted down the edge. I personally really am enjoying this composite experimentation, although the reactions from others have been very hot-and-cold. Either way, let me know what you think about it.

EDIT 3/17/2008: I have removed this image from ArtistRising, as I'm extremely dissatisfied with the formats they have available for square images. As soon as I find a different outlet for my square images, I will let you know. You can, of course, purchase prints directly from me. If you want to do so, contact me via e-mail (kelly.hoffart [at] gmail.com).

I'm Not Asleep


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