Harvesting Corn V
This is the last step of the harvesting process that I followed. After a grain truck is full, you take it somewhere to unload it and store it. In this case, it was taken to grain bins. My brother-in-law did all of this: he started a tractor, which drove the PTO (power take-off) shaft, which powered the elevator that took the corn up into the grain bin. He also tested the corn for moisture content. It will sit in the grain bin to dry out--you get paid based on the weight of the corn when dry. Later I presume it will be taken to grain elevators and mixed with everyone else's corn, but they will keep track of how much belongs to my father-in-law and he will have the option of when to sell, more or less. It's really much more complicated than that, but you get the gist.

Here are some more pictures of the grain truck being filled and then emptied out:

IMG_6682 IMG_6691 IMG_6695

And of course, the true final step in the process is to have a nice day.


(My wife and sister-in-law painted this on there years ago so people at the elevators would get a kick out of it.)

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Harvesting Corn V


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