See No Evil
Here's something radically different for you: I rarely go into the territory of portraits, but I have combined self-portraiture with my first foray into surrealist photography. I will be posting the other two from the series (obviously, "Hear No Evil" and "Speak No Evil") later this week, and finally all three together in a triptych that I'm very proud of. I earnestly hope that you enjoy them. I may try something like this again in the future, if I get another good idea. And I hope that I will improve with time.

Here's one opinion on the photo which I think is interesting:
This photo is very uncomfortable to look at which is probably what you were aiming for so that's awesome. Unfortunately it looks like what it is otherwise, a guy lined up against a wall.

Allow me to sum up my artistic decisions here. When I first came up with the idea, I realized how unsettling the Photoshopping would be. So I decided to do as much as I could, in keeping with the theme, to make the picture even more unsettling. So I decided to make it dark and claustrophobic. I placed myself close to a wall, in a poorly lit room with bare walls, and took the picture. I changed it to black and white and made the picture even darker, which added the graininess to the picture (which I would have done anyway had this process not achieved that effect). I cropped it square, which would help me not only to make the triptych, but it also focuses your eye even more on the unsettling nature of the subject. Finally, I added vignetting to once again increase the claustrophobia.

As a side note, changing it to black and white did not hide the flaws in my use of the cloning stamp (to hide my eyelashes and the seam between my eyelids and cheeks). I did add some blur to try to hide those flaws, but perhaps it was too much.

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See No Evil


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