Feallen I
Hi, and welcome to the Feallen theme week here at Full Metal Photographer! It's been a very long time since I've had a theme week, so I really hope you enjoy it.

Feallen is the Old English word which is believed to be the source for the common North American English term for Autumn: Fall. This picture was taken with my scanner, an Epson Perfection 1650.

Also for your enjoyment, in anticipation of Halloween, is the Happy Jack Wallpaper, available in both 1024x768 and 1280x1024, which I believe are the most common resolutions for computer monitors. They are under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to distribute them anywhere, just so long as you're not making any money off them (at least not directly) and you attribute them to me.

Happy Jack 1024x768 Happy Jack 1280x1024

Instructions: the 1024x768 is on the left, and 1280x1024 is on the right. Just click the appropriate link, then click on "All Sizes" above the picture, and right click the resulting full-size picture and set it as your background. For a shortcut to the full size image, click here for 1024x768 or click here for 1280x1024.

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Feallen I


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