The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall
You may already know I recently switched jobs. My last job was with Berry Law Firm, where most of my duties involved veterans' disability benefits. In that job, I talked to literally hundreds of Vietnam veterans, learning their stories, reading their files, and fighting to get them the benefits they deserve from the injuries and illnesses they got during the service.

But by far the things which got me involved the most were in their claims for PTSD, where they would have to talk about and prove the worst events which happened to them in their lives. Often, this involved proving one of their buddies died, and often, The Wall can help to prove this.

So, that job gave me some perspective for when the traveling Wall came to town recently. I stayed barely long enough to take a few pictures, but I couldn't stay any longer than that. Even looking at these pictures bothers me.

Thank you for your sacrifices.

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall


Blogger the fat girl said...

i remember when the wall came to my town. a very solemn event indeed. while i am a pacifist, this memorial really makes you think about the sacred sacrifice given by some.

11:45 PM, September 09, 2008  

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