Here are many kind words that people have said about my photography. And of course I'd like to thank all the people who have voted for me in the Battle of the Blogs. My ranking can be seen in the middle of this page.
Kelly works in a minimalist genre but beyond the minimal structure the images on the site have a poignancy that lingers.

The subjects chosen are varied, but whether a snow covered swing, a sod house window, or a dutch hyacinthe in a vase, each subject is photographed with a simplicity that honours the subject and bring out their essence.

Kelly experiments with compositional structure and and we get a new perspective on many everyday items.

I look forward to seeing the development of this photographer as through their eyes we see the everyday with a renewed glow.
--The Artist

[P]henomenal . . .
--Whatchu Tawkin Bout

It’s a photo blog and I fucking adore well done photography mostly because I suck at it and have to live vicariously through others.

Kelly’s pictures rock the fucking house! Really. The recent one of the tree in a blizzard is breathtaking. I’m totally not kidding.

Get your ass over there and shuffle through. You’ll be amazed. They’re fucking awesome.
--Miss Ann Thrope

I like word blogs, mostly because I suck at photography big time, and don’t like to be reminded just how much I couldn’t take a decent photograph to save my life. Well maybe not my life, but somebody’s.

But you’re right. That Kelly person is really fucking good at it.

I love photography (I didn’t work at a one hour photo lab for 10 years for nothing) and his work is really cool.

Kelly is well on the way to becoming a photographer of the highest order. When you have a passion for art or a hobby or a sport, you give it your all and keep improving in your skill. Kelly's skill is obvious from the photographs he posts on Full Metal Photographer . . . .

I studied photography at college and have to admit to being a bit envious of some of Kelly’s shots, particularly the mouth-watering lime fizz and his stunning black and white shot of an auger. Anyone who can make farming machinery look beautiful is worth a look in my opinion
--Under the Hazel Tree

I am hot and cold on photoblogs, they really have to grab me. This one did, and it makes me want my camera back.

Nice photos...I liked it and will look at archives. Kept my attention.

An excellent photoblog!
--The Dramedy of Life

Owned by Kelly, a male Law Student who is not only a great (and I mean that) photographer but has enough breadth of interests (Heavy metal to Paradise Lost) that he's probably an interesting person. Oh sure, some people may not care for the photo of the Gummy Bear Crucifixation - but I've always been a firm believer that art should challenge, provoke or inspire. That shot does all three (my own opinion, you may not agree).
--Through a Dark Glass

Kelly Hoffart will delight your occular senses (that’s your eyes, folks). A self-professed amateur, Kelly has a talented eye for the camera. He posts a photo almost everyday, so bookmark his site so that you can return, often.
--Jayne D'Arcy

I've spent more time than I have available scrolling through his site - it's filled with beautiful and really poignant photography. It's a real break from the things which consume my personal attention and remind me to look more closely - to consider - becuase the beautiful things are around us all the time. At least, that's what I thought about as I poked around his site.
--On the Left Tip

If you haven’t visited this blog yet, you really should! . . . [Y]ou’ll see his photography choices are quite expansive. I’ve seen lovely fields and chain links in a matter of days. His template is easy to navigate and you can see many different photos in just a few moments (fast loading). I’ve been impressed with his ‘citrus’ photographs…they are absolutely YUMMY to view. I found my mouth watering at the photos.

You know how I love photography and this guy, he is a great photographer. That is apparent. Just look at his work!
--Woman of God

I always like to see new photoblogs. This one is really interesting. I like the black and white stuff a lot.

Full Metal Photographer is my renter for the week here, with a blog filled with very nice photos of the world around him. I rather envy this ability, since my best picture of the world around me was of a lizard.
--Eau Salée Lunaire

So, stop by and take a look...you will like his amazing work.
--First, the Bad News

He has some wonderful photos on his site, very beautifully done!
--My Life in Italy

His photos are great, I'm still browsing at it as I type this update. I'm sure you'll love his photos as well, and do check out his blog as well.
--Empress Maruja

This blog is run by a 24 year old fellow that is a law student. He's got several blogs but this is by far my favorite. He's a very talented photographer and I can't say enough about his pictures. You should REALLY give his blog a look. It's well worth the visit. His picture of Dutch Hyacinths on the 13th was beautiful.

Kelly, a law student, has some great close-up shots. I hope to see more landscapes, city scapes, and portraits; but his blog appears to be brand spanking new so I'm sure he'll eventually have a variety of shots and perspectives. . . . You just may just find yourself adding him to your bookmarks while you're there.
--Light and Darkness

I've seen this one around a lot and love his work. Great pictures! And he's a law student, too, something I certainly admire!
--Taste the World

Want to see some cool pics? Then head over here to Full Metal Photographer for some brilliant photography, simply delightful....
--Spilling the Beans

[H]e’s an excellent photographer. Especially check out his Lime Fizz series.
--The Naked Eye

You know I love pictures, and I think you do too. So check out my new renter Full Metal Photographer. He has quite a talent and takes the most amazing pictures. I just love today's picture entitled Redbud. Too bad he can't come over my way and take some photos!! Check it out!
--Musings of a Self-Proclaimed Supermom

This is a photoblog by a University of Nebraska law student, including both digital and film photography. Some stunning work so stop by and check it out . . . .
--Zaphod's Heads

Kelly takes some amazing photos, and the photo on his profile is just awesome.
--Binnsy's Hovel

Great photography if you get a chance to stop by - and my FAVORITE....TULIPS! This artist is using tulips in a lot of their work....love it!
--Entries from Here

Full Metal Photographer is my current tenant who takes lots of fabulous pictures and showcases them for your viewing pleasure. So, when you feel you want to relax and have a look at some lovely and interesting pictures, look no further than the Full Metal Photographer :)

--Jaded Sunburns

Always has great photographs. I enjoy viewing this site daily to see what the latest photo is about.
--Tricia's Musings

I've always liked his site. There is a new photo just about everyday and the quality of each photograph is spectacular. I look forward to viewing his site each day to see what beautiful picture he's stunning us with that day.
--Odd Planet

Kelly's site, Full Metal Photographer, is home to many great pictures such as one of my favorites caled "Lime Fizz Over Red" (you'll just have to browse his photos to find it).

So, if you're looking for some eye-pleasing photos today, head over to Full Metal Photographer for a while and see what Kelly has to offer!

Hey all please go check this guy out for his unique view through the lens. What a great site. Images are interesting and the short commentary, help make sense of some of the more abstract images. Its for the connoisseur to the first time art viewer, go check him out.
--The Tin Shed

his pics are fantastic, and i've long been a fan of is on the battles. my personal fave is the building with marble... check it out, you won't be disappointed.
--A Moment Capture

I am a regular visitor to the "Full Metal Photographer" blog. Kelly has a real talent and each one of his photos has something exceptional about it, whether it's the marvellous colour of a flower or the starkness of a black and white abstract.

As an animal lover my favorites are "Children Marveling at Gorilla" in May, "Russell by the Window" in April and "Squirrel in a Tree" in March.

Suggest you pop over there and have a look for yourself.
--The Vegan Diet

Kelly Hoffart shares with us wonderful images of everything from a puppy mauled blue jay chick to photos taken at a tractor museum.

I didn’t even know there WAS a tractor museum.

As of today, I have yet another BE Blogger! One week sure goes by really quickly. I guess not having internet access at home has something to do with it. So in reality, almost every other blog will feature my newst BE roomie. This week is Kelly, a law student from Lincoln, Nebraska, who is an amazing photographer. You should really check out his site. Awesome!
--Miss a Beat

I had very little time to spend on reviewing the bloggers that bid on my blog and I made the easiest choice, one that doesn't need much commentary from me because as we all know, a picture's worth a thousand words.

That's not saying I wouldn't have chosen SirJello's blog because I've been wanting to rent to a photographer for some time now. I love photography, I only wish I were better at it. In an entire roll of film, I may get 1 or 2 good pix of my kids. I know, it's pathetic, don't rub it in! I'm in awe of those who not only make scenery and nature look beautiful enough to make into a postcard but who can make a pile of dirt look interesting! Not that SirJello has taken pictures of mounds of dirt, I'm just sayin'...

In any case, I'll shut up now and you should go click away on the thumbnail on my sidebar and get an eyeful of some seriously beautiful photos. . . .
What person does not love looking at beautiful photographs?! If you're raising your hand like a desperate school girl trying to get the attention of her teacher, you're lying. EVERYONE loves photos. . . .

Kelly is an incredible photographer! Being the crime buff that I am, I was especially intrigued by the photo of 1950's crime spree killer Charles Starkweather's headstone. It prompted me to Google him and read some history on the subject. Go take a look at Kelly's blog. Maybe there's a photo that you'll find especially interesting, as well.
--The Blair Bitch Project

This blog is maintained by Kelly Hoffart, a law student and heavy metal fan. He is also a great photographer who has taken many great photos. If you are looking for great photos, this blog is definately what you are looking for.
--Quality, Environmental and Process Improvement
--Japanese Lesson
--World Horror Stories

Please surf on over to our newest renter Full-Metal Photographer and enjoy all the winter and Christmas themed images this week! It has been dreadfully hot these past few days here in Ontario and viewing these stunning images is a refreshing mental break from the oppressive heat!
--One Old Green Bus

Kelly Hoffart, better known as Full Metal Photographer (and Full Metal Attorney), is a talented photographer with many wondrous pictures on his photo blog.

Currently, he is having Christmas in July:

"Welcome to the third day of Christmas in July here at Full Metal Photographer. I hope you enjoy the winter and Christmas themed images this week."

Sweltering in triple-digit temperatures in Texas, Kelly's images provide visual relief that is almost physical.

Stop by and see Kelly and tell him CyberCelt sent you.
--Texas RV Travel : USAer Blog

So this weeks renter is (da da da) Full Metal Photographer. I accepted this one right away because I love his photographs. Go visit and go ooohh pretty.
--(insert cool name here)

Kelly Hoffart, better known as Full Metal Photographer is a talented photographer with many unique pictures on his photo blog.

Stop by and see Kelly and his pictures.
--CoolAdzine for Marketers

I love great photos and this bloggist is quite proficient with his camera-in-a-box.
--Banned Breed

It's just a beautiful site. Some of the most exquisite photographs you are likely to see. Take a look if you feel stressed, it'll calm you down for sure.
This is a fantastic Blog, you really must see. Some astonishing images, the macro...or micro photographs are stunning..I mean close up. Click the renter box to show your support for a truely exceptional image maker and taker.
Kelly seemed pretty disappointed that I didn't do one of his barn photos... So here it is. His work is visually STUNNING! Take a look.
--The Cartoonist They Call the Stik

Just added a new renter, Full Metal Photographer, check out the blog for an "eye-ful" of great photography. You can buy images too.
--Pass Green Gas

This blog is full of original photos that will astonish you. A lot of use of black & white really make his photos stand out. Be sure to drop by his blog and check things out!
--My Life . . . so far

I cannot think of the words I could possibly express to get you to see the renter of this week. Just know that the work is beautiful. I'll clean this up later tonight. Please click on Full Metal Photographer.

Okay, I still do not have the words to express how much I love this blog! I've become a pic fanatic. I've taken pics, I've printed them, I've admired the work of a lot of people through Flikr, Photo Bucket, and other sites. I've seen Kelly's work off and on for a while and I still don't have the words to express how good his work is. I've got to tell you that his work is copyrighted, so don't take any of his work without acknowledgement of him.

Kelly Hoffart is a Lincoln, Nebraska photographer. (How about those Huskers? I used to live in Omaha). He is in law school or is a lawyer (he also has a blog called Full Metal Attorney), but he is a professional photographer, too. You should see his work; he really has a gift.

I wish I could find the words to express his work! I can't! Good googly woogly! In retrospect, if I could find more words, it might make me look a little amorous and he is married with two dogs. If you like art, if you like photography, heck, even if you like purdy and intriguing pictures, you gotta go look at this guy. I want to buy a couple of his prints, he's so good (and y'all know how broke I am)!

I've displayed a couple of his pictures. On the blog you will able to look at his portfolio, buy prints, and even an option to sell them.

There are so many more pics I could put up here for you to see (I love "White Cow"), but you just gotta see it for yourself!
--The Evolution of Gina

Just a little reminder, we have a new blog renting space this week. This time its a photoblog from Kelly Hoffart called "Full Metal Photographer". I chose this blog out of all the people that placed bids mainly because all the photos are great, I especially enjoy the most recent post of the orange machine.

A blogger of few words, but in the keeping of a picture is worth a thousand words, then he speaks volumes!

Browse through his site and see the pictures he has for you to view, click on the side drop down and see the pictures by each month.

My personal favorite are the grove of trees in the snow, but maybe that's cause I am a Michigander...*chuckles*

So, don't just look at my side bar when you come through, click on my new tenants site and show him some love, or at least take a gander at his artistic view through his pictures....
--Taking a Sanity Break

This week’s renter is a photographer. One of my favourite blogging amateur photographers, actually. You can see his blog at the top of the sidebar, and you can pay him a visit to see a lighting technique and some angles I haven’t even begun to master. Don’t take my word for it, click on the image to the right and see for yourselves!
--Paranoia and Other Pleasant Things

Kelly has some new photos up at Full Metal Photographer. I'm not sure if I'm describing it right but I love the kind of "edge of urban" grittiness of his photos. I think my favourite so far is Into The Darkness. While I love naturally beautiful photography subjects too I get a big emotional response from subjects that recollect "the other side" of my life.

I have a new renter. Welcome Full Metal Photographer. Please welcome Kelly. Not only is he an incredible photographer but he is also attending Law School. Kelly has some fabulous photos, if you have some time look through his archives. There are some one of a kind photos on Full Metal Photographer.

Here is one of my favorite photos.

Anyway if you get a chance go visit, photography has a way of really making you think and often brings back memorable times.
--Hot House Momma

As usual Full Metal Photographer is right.
--jeremy.plemon (seen on a comment to this picture)

Where did you get all of your photography knowledge? How come your photos are SO good? I found your blog that teaches photography. I'm going to follow along and try to learn more. I'm glad it's out there.

Kind Words


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love your work - very edgy for me....interesting perspective.....trying to put together a web page for artistsilove.com.......would like permission to use some of your images to illustrate my poetry. My poetry link is http://www.reddirtpoetry.blogspot.com of course I would link it back to you......let me know @ 64blueridgegirl@gmail.com

rdg / kreyes

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