All photos on this site (with the exception of the guest blogs) are copyright © Kelly Hoffart. I don't grant any rights to the guest blog pictures. If you want them, talk to the copyright-holder.

Use on the Internet

You can post my pictures on another web site only for the purposes of commenting on the picture, commenting on my site, or promoting my site. You must link back to me if you do so, either to the main page or to the page where the picture is located.

You can not, however, use the pictures for purely decorative purposes, e.g. using them as a background image or as decorative pieces of a template. If you want to do that, check out my page on purchasing information and look at the section on buying at Fotolia. If the image you want is not available there, e-mail me (kelly.hoffart [at] and maybe we can work something out.

Special situation for "bloglords" through BlogExplosion: your "rental" to me at the time that you post my picture is a sufficient link. The fact that the rental expires will not require you to remove the image.

Derivative Works

You may make derivative works as long as you follow the rest of the terms of the license.

Offline use and printing

You may NOT print the images. The only uses I authorize are Internet-only. If you would like to have prints, check out my information on buying pictures.

This license

The Creative Commons licenses were inadequate for my purposes, so I've come up with my own. If you use this license, you do so at your own risk.

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