IMG_0181 - Christmas Presents

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Hi, and welcome to the last day of Christmas in July here at Full Metal Photographer!

I thought I'd repost the notices from yesterday's post here:

Everyone should check out Fotolia. Photos are available for download there for a dollar or two, and when you do it you get broad rights to use those images. You could use them as a desktop background or even make your own prints. (Of course, you can't resell the prints unless you buy the Extended RF license for $10, available on some of the pictures, or completely buy me out for $100, available on even fewer shots.)

I have several of my shots available there, including some of my most popular ones:
Lime Fizz over Blue
Lime Fizz over Red
Lime Fizz over Green
Berry Blue Kool-Aid with Twizzler Straw
Lime over White
The One Ring
Frosted by Sioux Falls

Also, for all you photographers out there, you should look into making some of your images available on Shutterstock as royalty-free stock photos. Their system caters to bulk buyers, as they charge membership fees--encouraging people to download many images. You get $0.25 per download, and in the first couple hours after my images were approved I made one sale. We'll see how profitable it gets to be as I make more shots available.

Christmas Presents


Anonymous .:kat:. said...

I've looked forward to each day --thanks for sharing your art --

Merry Christmas ;)

11:46 AM, July 14, 2006  

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