IMG_4470 - Making Ducks by Kelly Hoffart
This is my next door neighbor Richard in his garage. He makes wooden ducks and other birds with wings that spin in the wind. I think he does it just to get away from his wife for a while--I'm not really sure.

I'm looking for a web site where I can offer prints for sale. I tried to sell a print a couple months ago but it fell through due to the complications of mailing a check to me (I think perhaps his handwriting was really bad, or maybe he forgot that the postage price had just gone up).

What I require:
- No membership/monthly/annual fees
- Buyers must be able to buy and receive prints without any involvement from me
- The site may take a commission on my profits

If anyone knows of such a site, let me know. I'm having trouble finding one. It seemed I did find one in Photobox, but their site said that they will only make payments to a UK bank account. It appears that they will also make payments to PayPal, so I may have to look into that, but some other form would be better. Also, with them I'm concerned about international shipping charges. A domestic company would be better.

It should be noted that I already have a few on Art.com, but they have a max of 16 pictures and once I make one available there I have to leave it there for at least a year.

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Making Ducks


Blogger Karmyn R said...

Great photo!

Found you via Cool Adzine....

6:53 PM, July 17, 2006  

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