Under the Hearse Carriage
This should make a nice transition from the crypt shot back into the museum shots. This is a hearse carriage, and, according to the accompanying exhibit description:
Undertaker C.J. From used this horse-drawn hearse from 1899 to 1914 in Newman Grove, Nebraska. The hearse was manufactured by the Rock Falls Manufacturing Company of Sterling, Illinois, about 1890.
I had some trouble trying to find a good way to shoot this exhibit without it looking like just a hearse sitting in a museum, but I think I got it right. Here are a couple more pictures from that day:

Armies Merge


On this last one, the exhibit description stated:
Flag which flew at the post office in Recklinghausen, Germany. Recklinghausen was captured on April 1, 1945, by the Third Battalion of the 134th Infantry, Thirty-fifth Division, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Warren C. Wood of Gering, Nebraska.

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Under the Hearse Carriage


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