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What is a guest blog, you ask? A guest blog is someone with their own blog who is featured on another blog. The benefits of being a Full Metal Guest are:
1. A thumbnail link on this page (above all this info)
2. A link on my link page
3. Exposure (and a link) on my main page for at least 24 hours
4. A link on the template of my other blog
5. I'll plug you on my other blog too
6. If you're a member of Photoblogs.org, I'll add you to my favorites (if I haven't already).
7. Well, I'll also be your friend. And if you were here I'd give you candy too.
8. And, if you want, you can link back to me using this nifty button:

(No need to host it yourself.)

Interested? E-mail me (kelly.hoffart [at] gmail.com) with the photo you want me to feature (about 750 pixels for the larger dimension) and any other information you want me to include. (You could leave a comment in this post for me to get back to you instead, if you want, but that might take longer.)

Examples of other information you might want me to include:
1. Your URL (obviously)
2. Technical information for the shot
3. Any stories about the shot/explain the subject matter or how you took the shot
4. Your photographic philosophy
5. The method to your madness
6. How you got into photography, and any exciting or interesting experiences involving photography
7. What is your ultimate dream and/or realistic goals with photography?
8. Anything else you want to add

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Blogger www.dmitrimarkine.com said...

very nice pictures. Especially the birds

8:43 PM, September 16, 2007  
Blogger Brett said...

Love the blog, i was skipping aroung and just had to stop at your photos. pop over to my blog, if any of the photos are good enough i would love to be a guest blog.

12:23 PM, April 03, 2008  

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