If you want to buy my pictures, you have several options. One is to check out my book, Photographs: 2002-2006, currently for $24.99 in softcover or $38.49 in hardcover. It's 80 pages long and has over 90 of my best photos in it--a great addition to any coffee table or office waiting room collection.

You could also go through Art.com (and affiliates--to see all of the available pictures along with sizes and prices go here), where you can buy any of the following images, plus more:

If you would prefer a signed print approved by me (theoretically more valuable) or you want a different picture, you can e-mail me (kelly.hoffart [at] gmail.com) and we can deal directly. Advantages of this method are that the picture will be signed, with the year the picture was taken, and there is a wider variety of pictures that are available. There are still a few restrictions, because I have given exclusive rights on some pictures and others raise other legal troubles. The disadvantage is that you will have to wait for me to have the picture printed, and you have to trust me enough to let me cash your check before I send the picture. I will look into getting a PayPal account to rectify that problem, but at the moment that is the deal. Prices, generally speaking, are (not all pictures are available in all sizes; most are not available in 16x24, but it doesn't hurt to ask):

Shipping Group A

8x10: $10
10x10: $20 (square pictures only)
11x14: $25
12x12: $25 (square pictures only)

Shipping Group B

12x18: $30
16x24: $40

Limited editions will be available at slightly higher prices. I will let you know if the picture you ask about is available only in a limited edition.

Shipping Charges

On orders where all prints are in Group A, shipping is $5.
On orders where any prints are in Group B, shipping is $10.
Orders for a large number of prints (more than 10) may require higher charges.
If you can drop by to pick up the prints in Lincoln or Hickman, Nebraska, no shipping charges will apply.

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Blogger Cutcaster said...

Hey Kelly,

I had a quick question. Do you license/sell your photos online at other photo agency sites? I'd love to talk to you about how else you could offer your work.


8:14 PM, September 06, 2007  

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